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BIM can be known as "Building Information Modeling". It is a process that gives Architecture, Engineering, and construction (AEC) designs through CAD tools that gives more efficient & precise design in a quick turnaround time to form 3d model. BIM is a smart way to design and documentation of various types of building projects.

we have services that given by our architects, bim modelers, MEP modelers, Engineers, Designers who are adept to learn the things according to clients perspective .

our team have over 5yrs real time experience of doing projects . In this BIM services as well as expertise in all type of projects either it is in architecture, mechanical, electrical, tunnels, fire systems, terrain e.t.c. in BIM services . As we already engaged with this work through decades. To enhance our bim services through all around the globe . We already have planned more for our clients so they will feel free to share anything regarding projects. If clients gives us 1st project to ours so we will give him freedom to share there projects minor queries and changes  to our responsible team according to there in 1st project.

Our BIM is mostly based on outsourcing those who can outsource there projects to us . So that we can grab opportunity to give our maximum quality in a quick turn around time .We deliver comprehensive building designs from 3D visualization to detailed models ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500 accompanied with VDC consulting



  • Convert 2D drafts and plans to BIM as-built models.

  • Convert AutoCAD models to BIM models.

  • Create Revit Libraries of MEP and HVAC equipment.

  • Clash free models for efficient construction scheduling.

  • Point cloud to BIM models for retrofitting of buildings .

  • Develop rendered models for design visualization with BIM-ready models.

  • Generate construction sequencing, cost estimation and facility management models.

  • Initiate and maintain RFIs, construction documentation for bids and tenders.




"We deliver BIM outsourcing services for increasing construction project efficiency by transforming 3D model or 2D design drafts into data-rich BIM models of buildings designs"

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