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What is scan to bim ?

Updated: May 16

We use Laser scanning which consist of the lidar technology in which they can capture the real world conditions and convert them into 3D scan which can help to create ASBUILT models and or do modeling As per their accuracy.

How 3D scanned data help BIM MODELERS?

Laserscanning is a equipment which can create the 3D scanned data in real conditions. The 3D scanned data is far more precise and as compared to the local methods. BIM modelers take those data as a reference and they will create 3D models.

What is LIDAR Technology ? How it is useful in laserscanning.

Light detection and ranging which is commonly we known as a LIDAR. Which helps us to measure the distances in between one place to another place. Lidar commonly used in Ships, Submarines, through they can able to find the accurate distance or a hard surface. Although it is also used in forensics and many other medical equipements which helps people to find their illness and cure.

LIDAR technology plays a vital role in the Laserscanning which helps in surveying and mapping professionals through they can able to easily find the measurement of any equipements also in architecture it helps surveyors to create a 3d layer in real world conditions which can give the more precise and accurate 3d data to surveyors.


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